Premium Silk Pillow Cases and Silk Eyemask


What is all the hype about sleeping on Silk Pillowcase?

Everyday You Sleep 6-8 hours on bed. Your face has more contact with your pillowcase than any other fabric.

What kind of Pillowcase you Sleep on makes all the Difference to your Hair & Skin.

Silk absorbs less moisture than cotton fabric.The tightly woven smooth fibers of silk helps retain moisture in your skin which helps in reducing Fine line & Dryness on your skin.

When your Skin is well hydrated you don't Wake-up with a 'Sleep-line' or 'Crease-line' on your Face next morning

Silk has Anti-wrinkle, Anti-ageing property in it Reducing signs of Ageing.

So for Youthful & Hydrated Skin Sleep on Silk.

Have you been using Expensive Night Creams on your skin to make it look Youthful & Moisturised?

But do you know Cotton Fabrics can completely absorb Cream & Moisture from your Face.

So even after using Expensive Night creams you will not get Desired Results on your Face.

With our Silk Pillowcase you don't have to worry about your Expensive Creams getting absorb.

Our 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase reduces friction of your skin throughout night which in turn helps you from getting 'sleep-line' or 'crease-line' next morning.

You cannot Buy any Silk Pillowcase and expect Anti-ageing benefits.

Beausilk pillowcases are made from Finest 100% Pure Mulberry Silk our pillowcase are made of Exquisite Purity & Quality Silk Fibers.

So now you can naturally reduce the appearance of Fine lines & Wrinkles.

By just Sleeping on Silk pillowcase you can make your skin Smoother, Younger, Radiant & Healthy looking.

Every Girl Dreams of Silky Smooth hair. But like Skin even your Hair needs to be Moisturized to keep them Soft & Smooth.

Cotton Fabric is the Biggest Enemy of Hair as it absorbs moisture from your hair making it Dry & Rough.

Cotton Fabric is not smooth like Silk because of is Roughness it creates Friction between your Hair & Pillow surface which leads to Tangled hair & Hair breakage.

You wake up with ugly bad hair every morning.

Silk on other hand is Boon for all type of Hair.

With its Smooth & Soft Texture it allows your hair to glide through the night.

So no more Tangled hair, no more Hair breakage.

If you don't want to wake up every morning with Bad Messy Hair switch to Silk pillowcase.

Do you spend a lot on Blow Dry, Hair Care, Hair Straightening, Hair Styles?

But do you know you ruin all these expensive Hair Styling by sleeping on cotton pillowcase.

Cotton fabric with its rough texture doesn’t allow hair to glide smoothly on its surface resulting in Messy & Tangled Hair.

Invest in Silk pillowcase and Extend Life of your Expensive Hair Styling.

Silk with its Natural fibers & Silky smooth texture will let your hair glide throughout the night on its surface without ruining your hair style.

Do you suffer from Allergies because of Dust, Bed bugs, Fungus?

Then you should think of switching to silk pillowcase.

Silk is Naturally Hypoallergenic or Anti-allergic which means it helps in preventing or minimizing allergies

Close knit threads of silk fabric does not allow dust and other allergens to settle on its surface.

Keep Allergies & other Skin related problems at bay switch to Silk pillowcase.

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